I absolutely love these fellow boss babes and the relationship we’ve cultivated. Having close friends in the same industry is an invaluable asset. Being able to call each other up and say “Hey, I have an idea, want to go scout out a location?” Or “I’m having the worst time dealing with -insert problem here-, have you had this issue, and how did you deal?” Or just being able to say “I had the most amazing session ever!” and knowing that they will be happy for and with you, is so incredible. We all have different shooting and editing styles, unique strengths and experience, and are able to help each other grow and see things in new and different ways.

So lets talk about how this insanely cool and unusual idea came about! Ashley saw the woodpile first, and it grew from there. Of course we all agreed Rosie the Sofa needed to be involved, and she added some really nice drama to the setting. We did have to battle some serious gnat armies to get these shots, but I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort. Add in a perfect glowing sunset, and this dream became a reality.


This session was done in partnership with:

Ashley Leffew Photography www.ashleyleffewphotography.com

and Kelseah Marie Photography www.kelseahmariephotography.com

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